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Protect and teach our kids.

Let's Keep Amarillo Independent School District moving forward.

As a grandparent, parent, and small business owner, Steve Trafton deeply cares about what happens at our schools and believes that a quality school district directly correlates to a thriving city. He will bring his business background, conservative Christian values, and experience as an AISD parent and grandparent, to help keep Amarillo Independent School District moving forward.


Keep our children safe

Keep CRT out of our schools

Focus on quality education and not pushing social agendas

Support and equip our teachers

Correct the Amplified curriculum or replace it

Not waste taxpayer dollars

About Steve

Steve Trafton grew up in Amarillo and attended Avondale, Sam Houston, and Tascosa High School and Amarillo College before transferring to Texas Tech to pursue a business degree. He and Rajan have been married for 38 years and raised a daughter and a son who still live in Amarillo. They are the proud grandparents of 5 adorable children ages 1-9. Two of their grandchildren attend Puckett Elementary School.

Steve's desire to run for AISD board of trustees grew from watching his children face issues at school, but as a busy parent of young children, unable to step up and lead. Steve has the time to devote to AISD and he is ready to serve.

A third-generation printer, Steve's grandfather started Trafton Printing in 1950. His father, Ron Trafton, took over in 1967 and when their dad passed away in 1983, Steve and his brother Rick, took the helm. Steve worked at Trafton after it was sold to Cenveo and retired in 2017. Today Steve stays busy mainly focused on their marriage ministry, The Hideaway Experience.

The Traftons have a passion for people and seeing God redeem and transform marriages and in 2006 opened The Hideaway Experience, a marriage intensive designed to help couples strengthen and save their marriage. They attend Trinity Fellowship where Steve has been an Elder since 2010. He has served on the board of directors for Marriage Today, Amarillo Country Club and the American Cancer Society.

Our world is very different than when I grew up. Our culture is shifting rapidly by the influence of new ideas, social media, and rapidly advancing technology. As I work to keep up with these changes, I will never compromise on my expectations for a quality education. 

This is the expectation I had for my children and now for my grandkids in school. I expect schools to provide a safe space every day. I expect schools to educate our kids with basic life skills, such as reading, language arts, science, math, and history. 

So much is happening in our world that the focus on basics is drifting off course. Our kids and schools face challenges that we can’t begin to imagine. More violence and drug use is taking place in our schools. New curriculum is being introduced that has an agenda interwoven. We need to get back to the basics and rebuild the trust with parents that has been lost.

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Get Involved

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